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 "Having an idea for doing something better and making it happen - even though it appears impossible. That’s still my dream. "

James Dyson, Chief Engineer


We aren't big on the daily grind mentality. Our company values, objectives and philosophy are a direct reflection of the kind of studio culture we want to inspire: where everyone involved is driven to create world-class next-generation products and user experiences with meaningful, positive impact.



Innovative spaces

We surround ourselves with ingenious innovations. Some are inspirational, reminding us to strive for the impossible, but others are functional. Such as a the solar panels and ground source heat pumps that contributed towards a 100% renewable electricity supply to our Malmesbury HQ.


Building the future

Engineering icons inspire us. In 2017, we announced our second Uk technology campus in Wiltshire. We’re restoring the ex-airfield’s former aircraft hangars, upgrading and rethinking their original structure so that they work better for the people inside them. Just like our machines.


Chopping energy usage

Our HQs are being modernized, too. And we’re taking the opportunity to reduce our environmental impact while we can. First up are our restaurants, where we’ve replaced gas hobs with induction units — negating the need for air condition, and powered by 100% renewable energy.


Solving the skills gap

Engineers are the world’s problem-solvers. To tackle 21st century challenges like air pollution, we need more of them. The James Dyson foundations is Dyson’s charity. Its mission is to inspire a new generation of engineers. It provides money, materials and mentorship so that young people can get hands-on with problems — and learn how to solve them.

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What do people wear?

We're super casual. Jeans, t-shirts and cool kicks are the most common. Sometimes people wear blazers if they're feeling fancy.

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