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Our core values and mission

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At Flexim Group, we are all unique and at the same time we all have one single goal: to offer our Clients the absolute best service.

Our dedication and our drive have made us what we are today: a brilliant and reliable Service Partner for our Clients.

We are proud and grateful for the work achieved every day by each of the group's employee and we look forward to welcoming new service-oriented talent within Flexim.

Welcome to Flexim!

Stephen Cointre Founder & CEO Flexim Group

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About this Handbook

We would like you to understand how we do business and how important our partners and every employee is in helping us taking care of our clients and making Flexim a great company where you can develop yourself successfully.

We hope you will enjoy browsing trough this handbook and discovering more about Flexim.

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Our Mission

As a facility management company, we help organizations providing their employees with best-suited working environments that contribute to the achievement of their objectives.

We at Flexim believe that people can get the best out of themselves in work environments that give them energy. We provide this energy with our services and unique way of working. We have incorporated this into our slogan: "Energizing Business". Positive energy makes businesses thrive!

We achieve this by delivering clean, hospitable, safe, attractive, and enjoyable work environments through our specialized services:

    • Facility Management
    • Technical Maintenance & Real Estate services
    • Hospitality Services
    • Project Management & Consulting
    • Clean Environments 

“We are Flexim, energizing Business”

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Where we came from?

Flexim Group has 21 offices in 17 countries and more than 550 employees across the world. Each entity harbouring a team of local experts, backed up by a strong international network. Founded in Lausanne in 1998 by Stephen Cointre, Flexim has been active in a sector that first had to carve out and conquer its market in Switzerland. The company has taken the next years to repeatedly enlarge her business throughout the rest of Europe. A main characteristic of this evolution is the remarkable rise in geographical locations, which has taken place in a series of periodic spurts. The obvious development of a broad customer base and the current comprehensive portfolio of services covering all the classic fields of the Facility Management business, are living proof of the company’s varied past. Flexim is now present in the United States since 2020.

Learn more about Flexim on www.fleximgroup.com

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Worldwide locations

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Our Guiding Values


  Offer quality service

We offer the best service to our clients. Our goal is to provide organizations with the best solution to their business requirements while improving productivity, quality, and profitability.


See Happy faces


We will provide our employees and our clients a safe, clean, and enjoyable work environment that contribute to the achievement of your objectives.


Be attentive

By being attentive we want to build a long-lasting relationship with clients, employees, and suppliers.

Even if we act globally, we are careful to keep local expertise close to our customers and employees.


Work as a team

We believe our success depends on teamwork. Our great team spirit relies on trust, respect, flexibility, and communication.

“We do what we promise”


We are responsible

We are responsible for supporting you in your personal and professional development.

We are responsible for providing the best service to our clients.

We are responsible for the world health.

We are responsible for ensuring social and cultural diversity.

“Our goal is to offer the best in FM in the most sustainable and responsible way”

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Flexim is an equal opportunity employer. We will not tolerate any discrimination based on race, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

Employment decisions, such as hiring, promoting, training, and discipline will be made only for legitimate business reasons based upon qualifications and other non-discriminatory factors.

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Employment Policies

In Flexim we hire only employees who are authorized to work in the country where the job position states. As required by law, employees will be required to provide original documents that establish this authorization before the hiring date. If the documents requested by HR are not provided, we have no choice, under the law, but to terminate the employment contract until the appropriate documents are provided.

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Social Responsibility

At Flexim, we know that the key to our success is our people. Fairness, trust, loyalty, privacy, and respect are essential to our corporate life. We consider that our social responsibility and our corporate identity are in line with these values.

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Fairness is the pillar on which we make our decisions and the framework on which our actions are based.



Our salary policy is fair and based on experience, responsibilities, and qualifications.



Women and men are equally represented in our workforce as well as at the executive and management levels.



Every motivated employee has the right to a chance without any form of discrimination.


Social benefits

All employees of the group have the same coverage and social benefits without any difference in the employee function/level.


Employment security

Flexim is aware of its commitment to employment and financial security for its employees.

When an employee experiences a hardship such as an illness or an accident, Flexim is committed to adapting the hours, the work pace, or the work schedule to allow the employee to remain active in their job or to successfully reintegrate after a period of recovery.

When a change occurs in the life of our employees, such as the birth of a child or the desire to dedicate more time to a passion, we are committed to helping them live this change with serenity and balance by reducing/adapting the working hours for instance.

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Equality and diversity

"Women and men are equally represented in our workforce, both in operations and management."

"Diversity is a strength !"

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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion Policy at FLEXIM GROUP is expressed through management’s commitment to equality and the treatment of all individuals with respect.
FLEXIM GROUP’s Diversity & Inclusion Promise is to ensure that everyone who interacts with FLEXIM GROUP, from our clients, contractors and our own employees, are valued and respected, and that their selection for partnership, recruitment, training or promotion, is objective and based solely on professional merit.

We look beyond Religion, Race, Ethnic Origin, Language, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Age or any other potential factor of difference.  Our goal is to create a workplace and relationships that  are sociable and welcoming to all.  By fostering an inclusive culture that supports a diverse spectrum of talented professionals, FLEXIM GROUP ensures that we successfully add value to the relationships we build with our employees and clients.

FLEXIM GROUP is committed to developing a rich culture, a diverse workforce and a healthy work environment in which every employee is, treated fairly, is respected and has the opportunity to contribute to the success of our company while having the opportunity to achieve their full potential as individuals.

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Professional &
Personal Development

The development and well-being of employees is essential for a company's success and the sustainability of the employee/employer partnership.                            

Flexim encourages the professional and personal development of its employees. Therefore, we have a training tool in place, which is called GoodHabitz.

GoodHabitz contains more than 100 online training courses.

Each month, HR will send you a GoodHabitz Training Program. Please note that some of the trainings will be mandatory. You can also choose one at any time of the trainings for your personal development.

The program has been built to develop our employees, ensure that they have the relevant learnings and best practices related to their activities, ensure that they have a work environment that is conducive to both efficiency and well-being.

Flexim's DNA is represented by its flexibility and adaptability, which is reflected in the career paths of our employees.

We strive to support our employees in their ability to overcome personal obstacles and develop their professional ambitions.

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Employee’s Motivation

Flexim's success depends largely on the motivation and commitment of our employees. The more our employees' role and assignments match their interests and key motivations, the more fulfilled and successful they will be in their missions.

While we work on individual motivation by identifying each employee's motivational profile, we want the common core, represented by our corporate identity, to be a strong motivational foundation for engaging and developing our talent.

Long-term commitment also means asking ourselves how our company values are reflected in everyday business life. If employees recognize themselves in these values, they will also want to live them and transmit them. Consistency between words and actions is essential for Flexim.

“The human and professional development of our employees is our priority”

We strive to meet the needs of our employees so that they can experience an environment that encourages personal involvement.

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Each company has a unique corporate culture based on strong values. For Flexim, ethical and environmental engagement, fairness, transparency, responsibility, and customer satisfaction are the pillars on which our commitments are based.

This is why we are committed to transmitting these values to each of our employees as soon as they join the company.

Flexim has set up a training program covering the first four weeks of a new employee's working life. This program includes key topics such as safety, environment, ethics and diversity.

These trainings are mandatory and are available on Goodhabitz, our internal training tool.

Throughout their journey within the company, employees will work on skills building, communication improvement, teamwork as well as personal development.

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How to behave at work?

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Standards of Conduct

Flexim is committed to ensuring that its employees work in a safe and respectful environment where equality, fairness, respect, civility, and dignity are valued and where zero tolerance is applied in the case of discrimination or harassment.

Flexim Group also applies zero tolerance for acts or threats of violence, intimidation and hostility towards another employee, customer, or member of the public.

Consistent with our mission and values, it is important for all employees to be fully aware of the rules that govern our conduct and behavior at Flexim.

In order to work together as a team and maintain a productive and positive working environment, we expect every employee to conform to standards of conduct.

    • Treat your colleagues, your manager, client with respect
    • Follow Flexim/Client internal policies and procedures
    • Provide constructive feedback
    • Record work hours with care and accuracy
    • Use respectful, courteous language
    • Have a careful and responsive conduct
    • Fight against harassment of any kind toward another employee or customer
    • Fight against threats of violence or abusive language directed toward another employee or customer
    • Arrive on time at work
    • Report safety hazards, equipment defects, accidents, or injuries immediately to management/HR
    • Never work under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other legal or illegal substances that may affect your alertness or behavior
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Discrimination & Harassment

Flexim is an equal opportunity employer. We will not tolerate any discrimination based on race, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

Employment decisions, such as hiring, promoting, training, and discipline will be made only for legitimate business reasons based upon qualifications and other non-discriminatory factors.

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Sexual Harassment

Flexim does not condone actions, words, jokes, or comments that a person would regard as sexually harassing. All our employees have a right to be free from sexual harassment.

How to recognize sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment may take many forms:

    • Physical contact/assaults/touching
    • Unnecessary touching, hugging or brushing against a person’s body
    • Direct or implied threats that submission to sexual advances will imply on employment, promotion, evaluation, wages, or any other condition of employment.
    • Inappropriate behaviour (e.g. nudity, exhibitionism)
    • Direct proposition of a sexual nature
    • Comments or verbal conduct of a sexual nature
    • Sexually explicit statements, questions, jokes, or anecdotes
    • Remarks of a sexual nature about a person’s appearance (clothing, body, etc)

How to report an incident of sexual harassment directly experienced or witnessed within the company?

Anyone who feels it necessary to discuss what may appear to be sexual harassment should report it promptly to HR department.

These incidents are treated in strict confidence and with the utmost attention. A prompt and through investigation will be made.

Any known acts of harassment, discrimination, violence or unrespectful behavior will result in immediate and appropriate action up to and including immediate termination.

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Drugs & Alcohol

Alcohol and drugs can affect your ability to work effectively and can put you and others at risk. Flexim prohibits the consumption, possession, use, purchase, sale, distribution or manufacture of narcotics, illegal substances, or alcohol in the workplace and on the premises of its customers.

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Flexim is a great team! We count on the collaboration between our employees to offer the best service to our customers.

“If you want to go fast go alone.
If you want to go far, go together”

If Flexim has successfully developed over the years, it is thanks to teamwork.

Communication, listening, collaboration, problem solving, and critical thinking are the foundations of effective Teamwork and positive team environment.


    • Talk openly and honestly
    • Keep a respectful language even in the case of disagreement
    • Always share with team members information that could improve the service or benefit the team's work


    • Keep an open mind
    • Recognize that your team members may see things from another perspective and hear them out
    • Listen to other point of view
    • Give the floor space to all members of the group


    • Treat each group projects as a learning experience
    • Explore new approaches
    • Share different perspectives and experiences as well as your own skills

Problem solving

    • Think outside the box
    • Focus on positive outcomes, stay calm and help the team work towards a solution

Critical thinking

    • Think critically about the situation
    • Analyse all sides of the issue, reflecting on past experiences and listening to what other group members have to say
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Dress Code/ Uniform

Depending on your position within the company, Flexim may provide you with work clothes.

Your uniform must be treated with care. The work clothes represent the image of the group. We thank you for participating in the keeping of this corporate identity by attending with care to your appearance and upmost professionalism at our customers' sites.

For employees who are not required to wear a uniform, we expect them to adopt an appropriate and elegant dress code.

“Be comfortable but impeccable”

Tattoos should not be visible on client sites.

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Every day we work hard to provide the best service to our customers. We believe in giving energy to organizations. Positive energy makes companies flourish! This positive energy arises when organizations take good care of their employees.

That is why we equally take good care of any personal information you give us. Our privacy statement and general terms and conditions contain everything you need to know.

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Who are we?

We are Flexim Group and you can find us at Cour des Tanneurs 14, 1095 in Lutry, Switzerland. We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number CHE-112.423.247.

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How we handle your personal data?

We ask you for certain personal data to enable proper execution of the (employment) agreement. Flexim uses your personal data for the payment of salary, for general personnel administration, for identification by a client, for screening by a client, for the preparation and maintenance of a personal file, for general communication and to comply with our legal obligations. Without this information we cannot provide the best service to our customers.

Sometimes it is necessary to provide the personal data you provide to third parties. These third parties are customers / clients of Flexim and other service providers who enable the execution of the recruitment process and employment contract, such as an IT service provider and a salary administrator. We will only provide the personal data provided by you if this is necessary for the performance of our services.

Some customers / clients use a statement of conduct / screening procedure. By signing the (employment) agreement you agree to sharing your data with the aim of performing a screening to check reliability and integrity. It concerns the following personal data:

    • Sex
    • Initials
    • First Name
    • Last name
    • Date of birth
    • Nationality
    • Type of ID
    • ID number
    • Phone number
    • Email address
    • Address
    • CV

We never share the personal data you provide for commercial purposes.

We explicitly point out that you do not or no longer have to provide your personal data. The consequence of this is that the employment contract is not concluded or that the employment contract can no longer be continued (unchanged).

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How long do we keep your data?

We do not store the personal data you provide for longer than is necessary for our application file, the employment contract or the legal obligations imposed on it.

This means that we keep the personal data  for the duration of the application procedure or employment, and for a maximum of 1 year (in case of application) or 2 years (in case of employment) thereafter, unless there is a (tax) legal obligation that exists to keep certain data longer than this period.

Only the data for which this obligation exists will be kept for a maximum of 7 years.

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If you wish to view, correct and / or delete the personal data known to us, you can request us to do this for you. You can submit this request by e-mail to gdpr@fleximgroup.com.

We make every effort to comply with your request as quickly as possible. If you request deletion of your data, this may mean that you cannot exercise your current position unchanged. We cannot approve your request to delete the personal data if this is in violation of a legal obligation to which it is subject.

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If you have a complaint about the way in which we process the personal data you provided, we request that you inform us of this complaint first. You can do this by e-mail at gdpr@fleximgroup.com. We will handle your complaint as soon as possible. If you are not satisfied with the way we handle your complaint, you can contact the Local Data Protection Authority.

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Safety & Security At Work

Flexim is committed to maintaining a safe workplace for all of our employees.

“The time to be conscious about safety is before an accident happens”.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility and is a regular, ongoing part of everyone’s job.

You will receive more specific, detailed information and training on health, safety and environment upon arrival. However, here are some basic guidelines and safety rules to always keep in mind:

    • Always wear the PPE required for your job requirement
    • Never rush. Always walk carefully. Even when it’s busy, take small steps and pay attention to your surroundings
    • Wear shoes with non-slip soles
    • Report any defective equipment or tools to management
    • Never operate equipment unless you have been trained how to use it properly
    • Let your colleague know if you are working in an isolated area

Every Flexim employee have the duty to participate in keeping the workplace healthy and safe by paying attention to any behavior or situation that might be harmful to themselves or others.

If you notice anything that could affect someone's safety or health, please inform your manager immediately.

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Certificate ISO 9001 14001 OHSAS 45001

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Sustainability at Flexim

Since the 12th of June 2004, Flexim is one of the 1000 other companies in the world promoting the 10 principles of the United Nations ‘’Global Compact ‘’ program and are committed to enforce these principles within all our daily business activity.

PDF Sustainable Development

  1. Ensure that sustainability issues are proactively addressed in all aspects of the procurement process and monitor our progress in this area.
    Seek to reduce waste trough reviewing the amount and type of  materials purchased, and by exploring the opportunities to purchase refurbished, recycled and recyclable equipment, products and material.
  2. Source renewable energy wherever possible Ensure that goods purchased by Flexim derive from natural sources where appropriate, do not have an adverse effect on the environment, and comply with EU and international trading rules.
    Ensure that vehicles purchased have low emissions of local air pollutants and climate change gases.
  3. Take account of the need to minimize emissions and exposure to air pollution in purchasing goods and services.
    Where appropriate, examine the environmental management practices of our current and potential suppliers.
    Our on-going program of reviewing our procurement processes will seek to ensure they remain transparent and open.
  4. Flexim will purchase locally produced and organic food and drink where practicable. We will take measures to understand the impact our procurement activities have on local communities. We will encourage a positive contribution from our suppliers to the local communities in which they work on our behalf.
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