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Vendor Guide

Hi! We're Lulu and Georgia, and we are so excited to be working with you.

We are an e-commerce home decor company based in Los Angeles whose mission is to bring beauty into homes. We offer our customers elevated essentials and coveted statement pieces and the inspiration for how to make them their own. Founder and CEO Sara Sugarman launched Lulu and Georgia in 2012. Starting with just a handful of team members, the brand has grown substantially—as has our team—but the original passion and drive the brand was founded on remains. So, we feel it's time to introduce ourselves or reintroduce ourselves to our vendors. We are delighted to have you along on this journey with us and look forward to working with you in the years to come. In this vendor guide, we have put together all of the specifics for our compliance terms and what you can expect working with us as a vendor. 

To start, we’d love to share just some of our values with you as they are the core of who we are at Lulu and Georgia: 

  • It is important that we use our platform for good and lift marginalized voices where we can. 
  • We give back to the community as much as possible, especially Los Angeles, a city near and dear to our hearts. One of our favorite organizations is the Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles which you will often find highlighted on our social media. You may even see some of their handmade products on our website. 

  • We strive to feature and promote BIPOC makers, owners, and designers.

  • Promote safe, fair, and equality-driven business practices. 

  • And of course, give our customers the best buying experience we possibly can. 

These are only a handful of the values we cherish, but it's crucial that our suppliers get to know us before and while we work together to create a mutually beneficial partnership. At Lulu and Georgia, we value our suppliers and understand that their success is our success. 

Confidentiality: This information is confidential and should not be disseminated to third parties. Trading partners may reproduce this manual for their internal use only.

Contact Information

We would love to have the most up-to-date contact information for you possible. Please fill out the below form and return it to Lulu and Georgia at vendors@luluandgeorgia.com

Vendor Name: 

Primary Contact Name:

Primary Contact Email: 


Customer Support Name: 

Customer Support Email: 

Customer Support Phone Number: 

EDI Daily Contact Name: 

EDI Daily Contact Email: 

EDI Tech Contact Name: 

EDI Tech Contact Email: 

Vendor Website: 

Portal Login (if applicable): 

EDI certified (yes/no): 

Onboarding Process and Tax Information

If you are a new vendor, one of our buyers has been in touch with you and sent you a link to the guidebook. The buyer for your category will request information from you in addition to requesting a W9. You can follow this link for an idea of what information is needed: 

New Vendor Set-Up Request

Please note that all dropship vendors will be on default NET30 terms unless an alternative is negotiated with your buyer. NET30 terms mean that payment is due 30 days from the invoice date and after receipt of goods and services.  


Invoices should be emailed to our accounting department after the 856 advance shipment notification is sent via EDI and the shipping carrier picks up the order.

Please send all invoices/credit memos to invoices@luluandgeorgia.com with the subject as subject: " PO# - Invoice # ". Invoices should be emailed in PDF format which allows for a quick update in our systems. Invoice must include L&G PO#.

Please forward the Pre-payment request to invoices@luluandgeorgia.com,  subject: "Prepayment Request - PO#” Prepayment requests must include Invoice or Proforma documents in . PDF format,  and referenced with L&G PO#.

A statement of open invoices/credit memos should be submitted twice a month to invoices@luluandgeorgia.com (preferably on the 2nd and the 16th) who will issue payments.

EDI Requirements

You've probably heard us mention EDI by now, or you're already set up with us on the EDI platform we use, SPS. If you haven't heard, EDI is now mandatory for all vendors who dropship with Lulu and Georgia. EDI regulates and simplifies the order flow for us, our vendors, and our customers.  

I keep hearing about EDI—what exactly is it? 

EDI stands for electronic data interchange. EDI allows vendors to exchange documents electronically with Lulu and Georgia. Lulu and Georgia uses the EDI platform, SPS Commerce. 

OK, got it! And how does SPS work? 

SPS Commerce’s fulfillment is a 100% browser-based EDI service, so it is accessible anywhere and extends the flow of critical order and invoice information to offices, warehouses, and business partners. SPS will allow you to comply with Lulu and Georgia’s order and document requirements and the smooth flow of information. 

Sounds nice! How will we use EDI? 

Vendors will send and receive all documents via EDI by utilizing one of the following solutions: 

  • SPS Commerce’s Fulfillment solution (manual) 

  • SPS Commerce’s Testing and Certification service using your existing EDI solution. 

Can I still use the Lulu and Georgia Supplier portal? 

No, if you formerly used the Lulu and Georgia portal for orders, please discontinue using this portal. All vendors must be on SPS, and all orders will flow through this service moving forward.  

What documents will we exchange through EDI? 

You will exchange all order documents and inventory through EDI. All of these documents are required and are defined below:

850Purchase orderLulu and Georgia will send this to you as an order request for the product(s). This document will initiate the fulfillment cycle.
855PO AcknowledgmentVendors send this document to Lulu and Georgia to confirm receipt of PO and to report any discrepancies such as backorders, pricing changes, or product identifiers. This document must include the expected ship date, any updated pricing, and be sent within 1 business day of receiving the 850 document.
856Advance Shipping Notice (ASN)Vendors send this document to Lulu and Georgia with shipment details before order arrival. This document ensures that the customer receives their tracking information. Please note that if you are shipping an item LTL, tracking should be sent once the carrier picks up the item.
846Inventory AdviceVendors send to Lulu and Georgia to communicate on-hand inventory available, incoming inventory, and, if applicable, a discontinued date.
Branded packing slipPacking slipVendors must print a Lulu and Georgia branded packing slip from SPS and include it in the customer's package. This slip includes the Lulu and Georgia SKU, order number, and order details.

Lulu and Georgia expects that all purchase orders are responded to with the appropriate return transactions—the PO Acknowledgement, ASN, and Invoice document promptly.

When should I be sending these documents? 

The 855 PO acknowledgment should be sent within 1 business day of receiving the 850 order document from Lulu and Georgia. The 856 ASN should be sent within the agreed-upon lead time—typically for ground items, this is 3-7 business days or the specified date given on the 855. The 846 inventory advice files are required to be sent, at a minimum, of once daily.

Inventory Advice (846) - In-Depth 


What about the Inventory Advice file? Do I really need to send it every day? 

Lulu and Georgia expects to receive the inventory advice file starting on your given go-live date and daily moving forward. It is strongly recommended that the 846 file be sent 1-2 times a week before going live to ensure that inventory is formatted and reads through correctly. Please have an internal process in place to support sending daily inventory prior to your go-live date. 

Can I send a test file prior to my go-live date to make sure everything looks OK? 

Yes, the operations team will ask you to send a test file the week before your go-live date. To send a test file, please update your Vendor ID number to test846 and label the file suppliername_test846. Please remember to change your Vendor ID number back to the correct number after we confirm your test has been sent through successfully. 

What if I am unable to send inventory daily (including weekends)? 

Sending inventory daily is not optional and is required to mitigate customer service issues and provide all parties with a superb purchasing experience. If, for some reason, you are unable to send inventory immediately and/or regularly, please contact the partner operations manager at Lulu and Georgia or vendors@luluandeorgia.com. 

What exactly needs to be included in the 846 file? 

All inventory files must include the inventory available today denoted by the 033 qualifier. The 018 DTM (date-time-month) qualifier will be used in congruence with the 033 qualifier with today's date. We also require the 029 qualifier to be used for incoming units of out-of-stock items along with the 018 DTM indicating the proposed restock date. The 036 qualifier will be used to show that an item is discontinued with the discontinued date. This will allow the item to be disabled on our website automatically after the item sells out. For further clarification, please see below:  

033Inventory Available TodayMust be used in conjunction with the 018 dtm of today’s date
029Incoming UnitsMust be used with the 018 dtm of a future date when the units are set to be restocked
036Discontinued SKUsUsed to denote a discontinued SKU with a confirmed discontinued date. Please do not use it if you expect any incoming stock in the future.

If the quantity noted for a particular item is currently in stock, enter today's date using the 018 qualifier in the first loop on your 846 file. Future quantities should be sent in an additional QTY/DTM loop using the 029 in conjunction with the 018 qualifier. The 036 qualifier will be used in a third loop only if a confirmed discontinued date is confirmed. 

Your EDI account manager and support will be able to assist you in formatting your files to fit the requirements. Again, please make sure to confirm you are sending through inventory feeds before your projected go-live date. 

Purchase Order Acknowledgment (855) - In-Depth 

It is really important that the correct order line qualifier is used with the correct corresponding qualifier. Please see below a chart with guidelines on which qualifiers to use on the 855. 

Please note that if you are accepting with detail and change, the new date, price, or a quick note or reason must be left on the order acknowledgment. 

EDI Implementation and Getting Started

I’ve got all that! How do I get started with EDI implementation?

Below is what a typical timeline looks like during the SPS onboarding process:

  • Lulu and Georgia's Partner Operations Manager will reach out to you for your business information to submit you to the SPS platform. If you are a new vendor, this is typically done two weeks before going live on the Lulu and Georgia website. 

  • You will then be contacted by SPS Commerce and assigned an account implementation manager. SPS will activate a Lulu and Georgia-sponsored 60-day fulfillment solution. 

    • During these 60 days, vendors will work with an SPS representative on implementation and decide whether to continue with SPS Commerce’s EDI fulfillment solution or complete a testing and certification process of a non-SPS Commerce EDI solution. 

    • If you already have an EDI solution in place, SPS will conduct testing and certification for all Lulu and Georgia’s requirements. 

    • During this process, you will be able to utilize the SPS Commerce Fulfilment tool to fulfill any required documents until certification is complete. This is recommended for vendors who already have an EDI solution in place where testing may take longer than usual. 

    • During this time, we ask that you send through an inventory feed so we can ensure all of the correct qualifiers are being used and the file reads through SPS correctly and without error. 

    • SPS will also provide you with a test purchase order that you can practice all of the required documents on as many times as you’d like. 

  • Once testing is complete, Lulu and Georgia will receive a certification notice, and the Partner Operations Manager will be in touch with your go-live date. Your go-live date will include a reminder of all required documents. 

You can read more about SPS and Lulu and Georgia’s guidelines on our SPS Microsite here: 


We also recommend that you take time to look around and participate in courses within the SPS training center. Once you have an SPS account, you will be able to log into the training center, view reading materials, take webinars on how to use the fulfillment portal, and learn how to make the fulfillment portal work for you. The training center offers tools for customizing your SPS dashboard and tips for automating documents: 


Please reach out to us at any stage with any questions. We are here to help and hope to make this as smooth a transition as possible. If you have any questions about Lulu and Georgia’s business requirements, please contact us at vendors@luluandgeorgia.com.

Compliance Chargebacks

We are here to help and happy to answer any questions you may have about our partner expectations. Please alert our team if you are experiencing any issues regarding EDI or shipping delays. If our team is not proactively informed you may face a chargeback, and your partnership will ultimately be reviewed.

What is a chargeback? 

A chargeback is a fee that will be issued for a late or missing document or shipping issues by our accounting team.A full list of chargeback reasons are outlined below. 

When will a chargeback be issued?

A chargeback will be issued when compliance terms are not met. These terms include missing, late EDI documents, or in the event of any of the listed below delivery issues. The following points are a complete list of transgressions that could result in a penalty and ultimately a chargeback.

How long do we have to resolve the chargeback?

We request immediate cooperation in resolving the chargeback issued. For any EDI related chargebacks you will have 2 business days to resolve the issue. Shipping related issues must have an agreed upon resolution within 3 business days. If you choose to dispute the chargeback you have 10 calendar days from the issued date. All dispute evidence will be reviewed by our operations and accounting teams. Further proof of evidence may be required during the dispute.  Chargebacks with no response after 10 days will result in forfeiture of the case. Disputes will be closed within 30 days and Lulu and Georgia will update you accordingly on the case status decision. Please note a resolution is required on all chargebacks regardless of dispute case status.

How do I submit payment for a chargeback?

Chargebacks will be submitted as a credit  from a future invoice by our accounting department.

EDI and Customer Shipments Compliance Chargebacks and Fees: 

  • Missing 855 acknowledgment or 855 acknowledgment not sent within 1 business day - $5 (reference code 003) 

  • Failure to send 856 Advance Shipment Notification document within 1 business day of shipping - $5 (reference code 005) 

  • 856 ASN received after pre-order or informed lead time without prior notice or Updated ship date not sent via the 855

    •  If we are not notified of a backorder, penalties begin the day after the lead time has expired. - $5 ( reference code 001) 

  • Failure to send daily 846 file - $5 (reference code 002) 

    • A chargeback will be issued after the first three days missing ($5), again after one week ($15), and again after two weeks ($30). If we do not receive inventory for over two weeks, your partnership will go into review.

  • Shipping the wrong item or the wrong quantity of an item -  25% (reference code 007)

  • Shipment to the incorrect address - 20% (reference code 008) 

  • Shipment after confirmed cancellation - Credit for the full cost of the item + shipping (reference code 019) 

  • Incorrect Carrier Used - 20% (reference code 009) 

  • Late Shipment Chargeback - 20% 

    • We hold the right to cancel delayed orders as requested. If a canceled order is shipped, it will be returned to the sender, and Lulu and Georgia cannot be invoiced.  (reference code 011) 

  • Unmarked or incorrectly labeled cartons - 20%  (reference code 010) 

  • Continued delay replying to customer service inquiries - $100/month (reference code 012) 

Shipping Policies:

On-time Shipments:

Orders must be shipped within designated lead time. If order is shipped outside of the lead time window you will be issued a late shipment chargeback (reference code 011)

Mis-shipped items:

It is within our expectation that orders are shipped accurately (including but not limited to correct size, color, fabric, etc) If an incorrect item is shipped it is the vendor's responsibility to arrange the return shipping of the order. A chargeback will also be issued (reference code 007)

Incorrect Carrier:

Preferred carriers will be specified at the time of onboarding. Your team will be notified ahead of time if any carrier changes are being made within our business. All ship methods are requested via the 850 document. Failure to send an order via the correct carrier or ship method will result in a chargeback (reference code 009)

Purchased Inventory Chargebacks: 

  • Split or incomplete shipments without prior approval from the buyer - 20% of Container amount (reference code 013) 

  • Delivery to incorrect distribution center address - 20% of Container amount (reference code 014) 

  • Delivery without an appointment to a distribution center - 20% of Container amount (reference code 015) 

  • Merchandise received after the cancellation date may be refused unless approved by the buyer - 20% of Container amount (reference code 016) 

  • Incorrect packing list included with the container delivery - 20% of Container amount (reference code 017) 

  • Incorrect bale labels on products - 20% of Container amount (reference code 018) 

Please find below a sample the chargebacks email you'll receive: 

Dear Valued Trading Partner, 

      Please find attached, a summary of chargeable violations from this month. The accounting department has been advised to make the deduction from this month’s payment of your invoice. 

     Please ensure that you make note of the specific violations and take actions to avoid them in the future. As a reminder, all chargeable violations are listed in the chargebacks section of the vendor guidebook.

     If you choose to dispute the chargeback you have 10 calendar days from the issued date. All dispute evidence will be reviewed by our operations and accounting teams. Further proof of evidence may be required during the dispute.  Chargebacks with no response after 10 days will result in the forfeiture of the case. Disputes will be closed within 30 days and Lulu and Georgia will update you accordingly on the case status decision. Please note a resolution is required on all chargebacks regardless of dispute case status.

     You can contact vendors@luluandgeorgia.com with any vendor compliance questions and we will be happy to assist you. 

Thank you, 

Lulu and Georgia Vendor Compliance Team

Again we are here to help and want to ensure the best possible partnership as we move forward together. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at any time. Communication is a key pillar for our businesses to work together. 

Customer Support Expectations and Requirements

We are pretty busy here at Lulu and Georgia and recognize that you are, too, so we'd like to give you a heads up on our customer support expectations. Customer service is a key pillar to success. In addition to the EDI conditions, we ask for specific customer support requirements to ensure the best experience possible for all parties. 

The following expectations are necessary to achieve this experience: 

  • A dedicated customer service representative for Lulu and Georgia. At any time Lulu and Georgia may have 15-20 agents reaching out to our suppliers’ support teams. We expect our suppliers to be able to handle this type of volume on a regular basis. 
  • An average reply time to our team of 1-2 business days is required. This ensures that the end customer will have a timely response. 

  • The ability to provide concrete ship dates for open orders to our customer service team. 

  • Advance notice of any shipping delays, issues, or fabric shortages. 

Product Knowledge

In addition to our customer support team, we have a small design team. In order to set both the design and customer service teams up for success, we would like for them to have the most information possible about our suppliers and the products Lulu and Georgia carries from the beginning. 

Please provide us with the following information: 

  • Login information to a portal where the Lulu and Georgia team can access the vendor’s product information. 

  • Any relevant literature about your brand, materials used, a virtual swatch booklet, detailed product dimensions, country of origin, or any other product information we can give to our design specialist team. 

  • Installation guides to SKUs we carry. 

  • Care instructions to SKUs we carry. 

We have a couple of email addresses where you can reach us that you may want to jot down in your notes. Typically you will hear from us at support@luluandgeorgia.com. Please add this email to your contact list to ensure you always receive emails from us. 

Pickup requests should be sent to operations@luluandgeorgia.com. This will ensure that the correct point of contact is able to fulfill these requests on time. 

All Open Order Reports should be sent to vendors@luluandgeorgia.com

All of this information will cut back on customer service back and forth—i.e., fewer emails (woo!)—and set our teams up for success.

Promotional Periods 

We typically offer sales and some larger promotional periods throughout the year. You will receive a yearly promotional calendar from your buyer to plan ahead. Often we will ask vendors to partner with us in mirroring our markdowns. Typically, your buyer or buying assistant will reach out to ask for the mirrored markdown during our larger promotions such as holiday weekends, our annual Friends + Family sale, and Anniversary sales. Lulu and Georgia will, in return, feature your product in our email blasts, social media posts and stories, and our website's homepage and category pages. We are also happy to consider promotions proposed by our vendors. Please reach out to your buyer with any questions. 

Please keep in mind that you may receive a higher volume of inquiries from our customer service and operations teams during these promotional periods. Make sure to prepare for these periods by planning ahead with the promotional calendar provided to you by your buyer. You can refer to the Customer Support Requirements and Expectations section for more details or clarifications. 

Price Updates

We ask that our vendors be proactive with updating the buying team on any price updates on SKUs Lulu and Georgia carries. Please reach out to your buyer with any price updates, and make sure to update the 855 order acknowledgment with the updated price if you see any discrepancies on your orders and/or invoices. The failure to update the 855 with the correct price may result in a chargeback.

SKU Changes

Please let your buyer know of any SKU changes and the effective date of the change as soon as possible. We ask that you include both SKUs on the 846 Inventory Advice Document until the inventory flips over to the new SKU.

Shipping Guidelines

Your order is ready to ship—how do I know how to ship the product?

When our customer places an order, you will receive the 850 Purchase Order document via EDI. The document will specify on line level the preferred shipping method of each product.

OK...who do I ship the order with?

For all orders specified as "ground," please ship with FedEx. We ask that you mark all orders at "home delivery" during the label creation. On the reference line, please enter the customer PO#.

All "ground" orders should be shipped on our FedEx account. Please reach out to vendors@luluandgeorgia.com for Lulu and Georgia's FedEx account number. 

The vendor is responsible for the label creation and contacting FedEx for the pickup.

If we specify “oversize” or “white glove,” please fill out the “BOL template for Metro” spreadsheet and email it to Metropolitian Delivery who will arrange pick up.

If you’re a new vendor and have not received a copy of the “BOL template for Metro” spreadsheet please contact operations@luluandgeorgia.com who will provide a copy. 

Please use the following email addresses for Metropolitian Delivery: MetroPickups@metropolitanwarehouse.com, Bol@metropolitanwarehouse.com, and bol@gomwd.com and cc operations@luluandgeorgia.com

 Please include all specified fields on the spreadsheet including the full weight and dimensions of the order. We ask that you contact us immediately at operations@luluandgeorgia.com if there are any issues regarding pickups at your warehouse location. 

Carton labels will be provided at the same time as the BOL from Metropolitan. Please ensure all labels provided are adhered securely to the carton before loading with the carrier.

Please note the following policies:

  • Orders shipped via ground when specified as LTL will incur an unauthorized oversize fee directly from FedEx up to $875 per package.

  • Any orders shipped with an incorrect carrier or not via our specified carrier/method will incur chargeback fees. 

  • For LTL: please ensure all freight is ready for pickup on the date you have specified with Metro. If our carrier is turned away, you will be invoiced for a dry run fee of up to $200. 

  • If you are shipping glass or marble, we ask that these pieces be crated. Please reach out to our operations department prior to shipping.

The following shipping SLAs must be met to remain in good standing and avoid invoice chargeback fees.

  1. In-stock and ready-to-ship orders must be shipped within 2 business days of receiving the purchase order. 

  2. Product must be properly packaged and secured to withstand long-haul shipping. Our team monitors damages on a product basis, and we will reach out if more secure packaging is needed.

  3. BOL's provided by our operations department must be used and signed by the carrier at the time of loading. Alternate BOL's should only be used if instructed by our team.

** If you are both a dropship and a stocked vendor please follow the stocked vendor guidelines for those orders.

Replacement Part Orders

If you are sending a replacement part please send an 855 and 856 using the POnumber-R. For Example, if the original order number you received is PO12345, the replacement order will be PO12345-R. 

This helps our accounting and business operations team match replacement part invoices to their corresponding order. 

Lulu and Georgia Contacts and Important Emails

Backorder Notifications: Should be sent through the 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement and to vendors@luluandgeorgia.com

Order Cancelations: vendors@luluandgeorgia.com

Open Order Reports: vendors@luluandgeorgia.com

BOLs: operations@luluandgeorgia.com

SKU Changes: Please contact your designated buyer 

Price Updates: Please contact your designated buyer 

SPS Technical Support: support@spscommerce.com 

Invoice Questions: invoices@luluandgeorgia.com

Partner Questions: vendors@luluandgeorgia.com

Our customer support team will contact you from support@luluandgeorgia.com. Please add this email to your contact list to ensure you receive our emails.

Onboarding Survey

We are excited to partner with you and your team and hope that we can make this a seamless process! We value your partnership and would be grateful for you to take the survey below. The survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete. 

Lulu and Georgia Vendor and Supplier Identification below:

Survey Link

Thank you for reading the Vendor Guidebook and sending questions to vendors@luluandgeorgia.com prior to sign off on the terms. This letter serves as an agreement between Lulu and Georgia and their Dropship Trading Partners. 

By signing, each party acknowledges that they have read this Vendor Guide, understand the terms of this guide, and have signed this agreement voluntarily. 


Lulu and Georgia

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